Direction from San Francisco

  1. Get onto I-80 E.
  2. I-80 E becomes I-80 E/BAY BRIDGE.
  3. I-80 E/BAY BRIDGE becomes I-80 E.
  4. Take I-880 SOUTH RAMP towards ALAMEDA/AIRPORT/SAN JOSE. 18.8 mi
  5. Merge onto I-880 S.

  6. Take the CA-92 E/CA-92 W exit, EXIT 27, toward JACKSON ST/SAN MATEO BR. 

  7. Merge onto CA-92 W toward JACKSON STREET/SAN MATEO BR.  1.8 mi 

  8. Take the CLAWITER RD exit toward EDEN LANDING RD.  0.2 mi

  9. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto BREAKWATER AVE.  0.0 mi

  10. Turn LEFT to stay on BREAKWATER AVE.  0.3 mi

  11. Turn RIGHT onto WHITESELL ST.  0.3 mi  

  12. End at 25495 Whitesell St Hayward, CA 94545-3618  .