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Oligo Synthesis

Same day delivery means your work doesn’t wait. We offer stable high quality oligos that are locally delivered free of charge.

Elim’s Unprecedented Combination of

Quality, Speed and Cost Advantage

Elim Bio competes as one of the most stable and reliable high-quality oligo provider in the industry. We have been providing Oligo Synthesis for almost 10 years and have many loyal, long-term customers. We stand by our products and your satisfaction is our goal.

Highest Quality in the Industry

As Fast as Same-Day Delivery

High-Quality Reagents & Materials

We guarantee superior quality oligos optimized for a wide range of applications. Our oligos are salt-free with HPLC and polyacrylamide gel purification options available. Our process is fully automated to meet the most challenging synthesis requirements with a modular design to allow our synthesis capacity to be easily allocated to specific customers or projects. As the provider of the industry’s best turnaround time (overnight delivery with order cutoff time at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time), we were also the first to provide free local delivery of your oligos.
Try Elim’s oligo synthesis services and become one of our thousands of satisfied customers. Once you experience Elim’s outstanding quality and customer service, you will come to rely on the value, speed, and reliability that our customers enjoy.

Oligo Synthesis


Please try Elim’s oligosynthesis service and give us a chance to impress you. Customers tell us we are the most reliable high-quality oligo provider in the industry. We stand by our products and provide real value to each of our customers. We look forward to working with you!

Highest Quality

Elim Bio has been providing Oligo Synthesis services for almost 10 years and uses the most advanced high throughput DNA synthesizers to generate high-quality oligos. We have the most stringent Quality Control built into every step of Oligo Synthesis as we believe that process control is THE most critical factor to ensure the quality of oligos. We can also provide PAGE and HPLC purification for projects that require the utmost in oligo purity.

Ability to provide for all your Oligo synthesis needs

There is no project too small or large for Elim. Our completely automated, modular design allows our synthesis capacity to be easily allocated to specific customers or projects. Our synthesis scales include:

  • 25 nmols
  • 50 nmols
  • 0.2 μmols
  • 1 μmol
  • multi-μmols

Industry’s Best Turnaround

Overnight when order by 5 pm PST

If you place an order for unmodified, desalted oligos less than 35 bases online by 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, your oligos will be ready overnight for delivery or shipment. Oligos entered online after 5 pm, oligos longer than 35 bases, or oligos with modification and purification generally require one additional day.

Combined DNA Sequencing Services

Internal Transfer Capability

We are the only local San Francisco Bay Area company providing both DNA Sequencing and Oligo synthesis services. We can do internal transfers of your oligos for your sequencing orders and store them at Elim. You can also request Elim to store an aliquot of primers and ask us to ship or deliver the rest of the primers to you for your research. As always, these features are provided free of charge for all our customers.

Time Saving, Secure Online Ordering System

All orders are processed through Elim’s online ordering system. All order information is handled through a secured network connection and is directly linked to our computer system and synthesizer to insure error-free operation. Online ordering is fast and easy, whether you need a single oligo or multiple 96-well plates. However, we also accept email and fax orders if you prefer. As always, all information received will be kept in strict confidence.
Please click here for more info about how to place an order.

Free Local Delivery to Your Lab

Bay Area local? Order your oligos by 5 pm and receive them the next day in your lab! Elim offers free delivery of oligo orders to our local customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our customers value the cost savings and additional convenience Elim provides.

Ordering Elim Services

Oligo Synthesis

Please order oligo sequences online before 5 pm Pacific Standard Time for overnight shipment or next day delivery. Oligos entered online after 5 pm, oligos greater than 35bases, or oligos with modification or purification generally require one additional day.

  • Please log into your existing account to place an Oligo Synthesis order. You may use the same account for all Elim services including DNA sequencing, Oligo Synthesis and Peptide Synthesis orders.
  • If you do not have an Elim Bio account, please register first to generate an online account (real-time). Then, you may immediately login to begin placing your Oligo Synthesis order.
  • Place your order online under “Order Custom Oligos” and include any special instructions in the “Remarks Section” of the order. For oligos used for DNA sequencing by Elim, please type instructions in the Remarks Section on both the oligo and sequencing order forms. The note in the Oligo Remarks Section should read “for my sequencing order # (specific order number) at Elim”. Please instruct us to either store the remaining oligo for additional sequencing or to return the remainder to you. The note in the Sequencing Remarks Section should read “The primer will be from Elim oligo order # (specific order number).”
  • For new local customers, if you are not sure, please call us at (800) 214-7722 or (510) 783-1112 to check whether free delivery is currently available for your institute. Free oligo delivery will automatically apply if you already have free sequencing pick up or free peptide delivery.

Ordering through Excel Order Form

For your convenience when you have larger sample sizes (either in tubes or plates), please use the 96-well plate oligo synthesis order form (A1,B1,…G12,H12) or (A1,A2,…H11,H12). Please send completed oligo order forms to oligo@elimbio.com (please specify in the e-mail if you prefer oligos in tubes rather than in plate format).

Excel Sequencing Order Form for 96-well Plates

These 96-well order forms can be directly uploaded when you place online order.

(A1, B1…H1, A2, B2…H2, …)
(A1, A2…A11, A12, B1, B2…H1, …)

Oligo Synthesis FAQs

What’s your turnaround time for oligos?

For oligos less than 35 bases without modifications or purifications, if you place your order online by 5pm PST, your oligos will be ready the next day.

For oligos that are longer than 35 bases, or oligos requiring modifications or purifications, it generally takes one additional day.

How are my oligos delivered?

Oligos are delivered in 1.5mL tubes, with the concentration normalized to 100uM in DNAse/RNAse-free water. Plate orders are delivered in deep-well plates, also normalized to 100uM. Other concentrations and formats are available upon request.

What are your length limits for your oligo scales?

To ensure the high quality of our oligos, we set a maximum base length at each synthesis scale.

  • 25nmol is up to 50bp
  • 50nmol is up to 60bp
  • 200nmol up to 80bp
  • 1umol for greater than 80bp.
How are your oligos purified?

25nMol scale oligos are offered with standard desalting only to ensure sufficient yield.
200nMol and 1uMol scale oligos are delivered with standard desalting unless otherwise specified. Polyacrylamide gel purification and preparative HPLC purification are also offered at these scales.
Some modified oligos, such as those containing fluorescent labels, require HPLC purification. This is noted on the order form, and will be included in the final cost.

We also recommend that oligos with particular characteristics be PAGE purified for the best quality. A few examples include oligos that: are >80nt long, contain significant secondary structure, have regions of high GC content, or contain >4 consecutive G nucleotides.

What kinds of modifications do you do?

We offer a wide range of modifications, and they range from simple biotin labeling to the synthesis of TaqMan probes. Please contact for information concerning a full list of modifications.

Do you make degenerate base oligos as well?

Yes. When ordering, please use the standard IUB coding to represent the degenerate base.7. 

How do you deliver your large-scale oligos?

Generally customers are provided 96-well plate formats for large orders of oligos. However, if you prefer, we are able to deliver your oligos to you in tubes as well.

How do I get a price quote?

Please contact us by phone or Emailwith your specific oligo synthesis needs and volume so that we may provide you with a market competitive quote! We work on your budget to provide you with all of our high quality services.

Do I have to use the online ordering system?

Most customers order through our convenient online system. If you prefer, we have Excel forms that you may fill out and send via email to oligo@elimbio.com.

Please use Elim’s “Oligo Ordering Form.”

Can I get the Tm of my oligo?

Please input the oligo sequence:

Tm Value: